Privacy Policy


Our Company ("We," "Our," "Company," and "Us,") shall profoundly care about as well as respect the safety of individuals ("Users," "You," "Your," "Members," and "Clients") using its services. The company shall do its best to protect the security of the Client’s private information and shall keep it secret. The Privacy Policy (also “Policy”) section provided here is to give You all the details and the overview of the information we require from You and how that is supposed to be protected from being illegally exploited. We encourage Clients to study and understand the Privacy Policy section in advance before they begin their cooperation with Us.

You accept the following information concerning the Privacy Policy, along with the Terms and Conditions we have. Should You need any additional facts about the Privacy Policy issues, please contact one of Our online specialists via the Company's contact information available on the Website and ask for it.

Any personal data shall be collected and then processed in compliance with the actual protection regulations of the USA, and the GDPR as well.


We do not possess any legal rights to ask for private information from individuals under the age of 18. The Users who have not yet reached the above-mentioned age shall not use Our Website and any corresponding rendered by Us Services. Should We happen to discover the User is not eligible due to the age limits, all his activities will be terminated and any personal data will be erased. You must certainly be of legal, admissible age; otherwise, You are out of line with Our Privacy Policy along with the content of the Company’s Terms and Conditions. You should urgently let Us know if Our Website is being utilized by a child of yours who is currently under 18 so that we could take actions preventing such use.


Our Privacy Policy is an essential part of the agreement between You and the Company. You agree with the Privacy Policy along with the Terms and Conditions while registering yourself on Our Website. You shall accept the conditions described in the current Policy section, thus giving Us your informed consent to:

  • Track any of your activity that happens on Our Website;
  • Gather the statistics about the services utilized;
  • Use personal information belonging to you to improve Our Website for the better and to make it safer.


You will share some private data with us that is necessary to fill in your profile on Our Website. Your full name, physical and electronic addresses, age, hobbies, and other details shall be given by You to Us to make the work of the services we render possible. You may register on Our Website via your social networks, this will automatically enable us to get access to the information in a connected profile you have there. Your geolocation is required for facilitating the orders and payments and also for a better user experience.  


Your contact information will allow other Users to reach you directly, or via email, or phone. This is considered to be private information and will only be disclosed on a pre-paid basis for Our other Members.


We will be collecting some technical information while you are using Our Website. Basically, it includes an assigned IP address and information about a device and a browser. The time and date when you visit Our website will also be saved on Our servers.


The Company does not have full access to the numbers of the credit cards that you will use to make payments. However, We are free to store IP addresses and card masks being used during payments. We may track the way You utilize Our payment system and some other technical details.


The personal information that is being collected and subsequently stored by Us can freely be accessed by You any time You wish and changed if needed. You are free to make changes to specific form fields in Your profile or delete Your information at all.


The Company shall not be using gathered personal information for those purposes that are not highlighted in this Policy’s section. Your data shall never be passed to third-party individuals or companies. We shall not take any illegal actions involving the use of the private data of the Clients. Each Member of Our Website will be able to view the personal information you voluntarily disclosed in your profile. You are the only one who can modify Your personal information. Our Support Team can access your personal information in order to verify it. We are allowed to make use of it to send you the marketing and special offers that will reflect your personal preferences. We may use the analytics tools and advertising services as routine work intended for improving Our service. We shall not do this to identify the personality of the Clients. We can make use of Your geographical location for marketing purposes and so that advertising partners give advertisements to place on Our Website that is in accordance with the place of Your residence. Your contact information shall only be used for a purpose of communicating with Our Support Team.


We shall keep Your account as safe as it is regulated by the Policy. However, if any illegal or criminal things occur, we may, in conformity with legal procedures, disclose Your personal information connected to Your account to financial institutions if such a written request has been sent to us.


Every Member is free to suspend his own account, delete, and then even restore it. Your personal information is about to be kept on Our servers for the period of three years in case You wish to restore the active state of Your account or it was heedlessly or mistakenly deleted. If you do not have the will to keep Your personal information on Our servers, it can permanently be deleted by request in three years. The deletion of Your own account will not affect all the messages that were sent by You to the other Members. Any sort of text information you share with the other Members will keep being absolutely available to them. You promise to be careful sharing Your information with the Members, especially with anonymous ones. We can transform Your Profile into an anonymous one if you want to hide Your personal information from search engines and tracking services. Your profile existing on Our Website will stop being associated with your name or any other types of data that can work for identifying You.


You have Your right to demand that We send you confirmation about processing Your data. You can request from Us information describing what personal data about you is stored along with a copy of it. If personal data has been transferred to a third country or any international entity, you possess the right to be informed of the proper guarantees that comply with GDPR along with the US actual data protection laws.


Cookies are used to optimize Our website. Persistent cookies are utilized to a small extent. They remain on Your computer or another device and then let us identify your browser on Your next visit. These cookies can contain Your language settings, Geo-data, any information related to the device you utilize to visit Our Website, etc.


We are free to change the Privacy Policy as well as to add to it some more information. We are not required to notify the Clients about the new changes to the Policy.