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Why Internet Christian Dating Is not Just a Trend

Why Internet Christian Dating Is not Just a Trend

Being a Christian today is not as simple as it used to be several decades ago, when your single father could have just visited a nearby church in order to attend a service and meet plenty of lonely and pretty maidens of the same aspirations and beliefs as he had. This was probably the most common way the parents of many so-called millennials, especially those who are still dedicated Christians, had met one another before their wedding. However, everything is changing. These days, perhaps, you can hardly find a functioning church and even if you were lucky to make it, there probably were a very few parishioners none of whom could have been a good match due to their retiring age.

The Transformation of Relationships

We are living in the weird times, when loneliness, enthroned in overcrowded megalopolises, celebrates its glorious triumph. Human beings have never been so far mentally despite their close, to the degree of physical discomfort, proximity. Modern people are not just lacking in partners for recreational activities or social events like bowling or evening parties, they are presently lacking in someone to tell their deep feelings and secrets. Their inner circles often contract to the limits including only one or two close family members or, in the most serious scenario, nobody at all. Today, more adults are working and commuting significantly longer hours than ever and, as a result, they have little, if no time for establishing and maintaining the types of external social activities necessary to have deeper relationships. Atrophy of community connections is partly responsible for currently increasing social isolation, and during a pandemic, this is becoming a special subject of concern. For Christian singles, the situation is even sadder simply because of their having more specific criteria that shrink their already narrow circles even more.

From Social Connections to a Happy Marriage

Fortunately or not, this is the very case when the Internet may help to ease things and highly likely to cure wounds inflicted by solitude. Life is the theatre where we should continually be able to adapt our roles for the changed stage and adopt new ways of acting. The Internet surely is cause for some optimism. And not just because it has made it significantly simpler to keep connections among friends who have been scattered. It also gives an opportunity to inevitably develop available social ties over the long-term, can help with keeping them solid and strong. We can utilize the Net to develop, deepen, and strengthen relations that we already have in our current offline reality. That is not all. Using this modern tech, we are free to make our virtual reality real, turn an online relationship into offline. For an increasing number of Christian people, this has become the sound reason to go online to search for their prospective partners, and our online platform is among those that have warmly been receiving many of them.

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